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Inspired Customer Care, Quality, & Innovation

Celebrating 25 Years BSI ISO9000 ISO14001

Our commitment to Quality:

  • A daily focus on continuous improvement
  • Training our people
  • Standard operations and lean systems to target zero defects.
  • Precision injection machines and robots for consistent mouldings
  • Precision dosing equipment for consistent colour mouldings
  • End of line inspection systems for Quality Assurance
  • Product testing jigs to ensure fit for function
  • Full PPAP, ISIR and test reports supplied as per customer specification.
  • DFM systems to optimise product quality in production
  • Full dimensional analysis using CMM
  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited


We have an unrivalled commitment to Quality and have invested heavily in training our people, precision moulding machines, material dosing equipment, end of line inspection technology and standardised operations to deliver high quality mouldings in production on a consistent basis.

In addition, our experienced Quality team support with product testing jigs, PPAP and ISIR measurement reports inline with customer specific requirements. We also offer full dimensional analysis using our Computerised Measurement Machine (CMM).  

We take great pride in our Quality and this is reflected in our very low PPM defect levels.