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Celebrating 25 Years BSI ISO9000 ISO14001

Our moulding capabilities:

  • Precision technical mouldings
  • Supply product weights from 5g to 12kg
  • Modern injection moulding machines supplied by Wittmann Battenfeld
  • 2-shot injection technology for over-moulding
  • Range of materials including PP, HDPE, ABS, TPE and other engineering grades
  • High level of automation including pick and place robots.
  • Precision dosing equipment for consistent colour mouldings
  • End of line inspection systems for Quality Assurance
  • 24 hours operation for fast and flexible delivery
  • Supply to a range of sectors including Automotive, packaging, electrical, etc.

Injection Moulding

Our large manufacturing facility consists of 22 automated plastic injection moulding machines from 40T up to a twin barrel 1600T, capable of supplying product weights from 5g through to 12kg. Also, over half of our machines are equipped with gas injection moulding for specialist applications. In addition, we have 2-shot injection technology for over-moulding. We have specific expertise in Polypropylene, HDPE, ABS, Nylon, Acetal and a range of other moulding plastics.

We work closely with our machinery partner Wittmann Battenfeld to ensure our machines are optimised and utilise the latest best practice technology for producing high-precision technical mouldings.

We offer plastic injection moulding services to a wide range of both small and large blue-chip customers across the Automotive, Rail, Aerospace, Packaging, Electrical, DIY, Building sectors and other specialist markets.

We take great pride in our Customer Care, Quality, Innovation and providing low-cost solutions.