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Celebrating 25 Years BSI ISO9000 ISO14001

Our assembly capabilities:

  • Large assembly shop
  • Low-cost assembly of mouldings to customer specification
  • Printing and labelling
  • Paint spraying, coating and finishing for plastic parts
  • Kitting of parts as per customer requirement
  • Final product inspection and testing
  • 24 hours operation for fast and flexible delivery
  • Assembly of automotive parts
  • Assembly of power tools, lawnmower parts and white goods

Assembly & Finishing

We have a large assembly shop and offer low to medium volume assembly options for injection moulded parts which are fully customised to your specific requirements. Our assembly team are highly skilled and provide a fast and flexible service for all your assembly needs. We take great pride in our quality standards using standard operations and customised jig, fixtures and test equipment to ensure 100% repeatable assembly of moulded parts.

We offer a range of finishing services which includes paint spraying, coating, printing and labelling for plastic mouldings.

All our assembly parts are kitted and packaged to your exact requirements.